April 29, 2015

If you are reading this, it means we have finally publicly announced that we are trying for a baby and/or we are already pregnant (hopefully it’s the second one!). We never intended to keep everyone in the dark about this journey but it has and is an emotional journey for us and we figured the less people knew the less stressful it would be for us. I have been keeping my own blog posts about our journey so when the time came we could share our long journey with others (that’s you!).

This all started months ago, think August 2014. We started all the research on the different option we had to start a family. Adoption was always on the top of our list and even if we have biologically children we will still adopt. After we moved to Hawaii it took us some time to get settled in and get into a normal routine. Then in December 2014, I saw my doctor who gave me a referral to see the fertility specialist at the military hospital here. I had to do some blood work and a few other tests before we can proceed with the IUI.

We looked into every option out there for us but decided we want to try at the hospital where our chances of getting pregnant were high. But then I started grad school and Koryn’s work schedule became even more hectic. I never went in for my results and to talk to my doctor about the next step. One night in late March/ early April, we decided we were finally ready (emotionally, physically, and financially to try). While our insurance, TRICARE, does cover a good major of the procedure we still had to pay around $800 for one try. That was with finding the cheapest donor bank and having the procedure done at the clinic.

We talked about putting me on medication and decided against it. All my tests came back perfect and I’m young so everyone was hopeful it would work on the first try. Next came the waiting game. This involved a lot of emotions and a lot of peeing on a stick (sorry but that’s just how it goes). Finally, I got the smiley face which meant we were ready to schedule our procedure. Now comes the bad part, it happened on a weekend, it happened on Saturday night which meant I wouldn’t know what to do until Monday morning. First thing Monday April 27, I drove down to the hospital since nobody was returning my calls or answering the phones.

I got to the office and was passed around from person to person until finally someone got ahold of a doctor who told us what we already knew. We were too late and if we did the procedure this month it wouldn’t work. To be honest we were devastated. After waiting all this time we were finally ready and we were being told there was “nothing they can do” and “someone will call me”. It was a hard pill to swallow.

It’s currently April 29 and we are still waiting on that call back. We will be trying next month, if timing works out. We are hoping it will work on the first try but we know it takes on average 3-4 for it to be successful.

We eventually got a call back and as we figured it was too late. The doctors treated me horrible and I was left waiting and confused for days. I received some of the worst care ever at this time. But we have no other choice so we sucked it up for a try next month.


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