June 4, 2015

The dreaded tww (two week wait) was finally over. We spent the two weeks not thinking about the outcome of the IUI but also hoping it would work. We also talked about how we want to announce our pregnancy to everyone and what theme the nursery would be! This was fun and exciting and kept my mind off of waiting.

But finally Thursday came around and all my test were coming up negative. I decided to do a walk-in appointment at the clinic on post to do a blood test. I went in at 10 am and had to explain for what felt like the 50th time in two weeks about what was going on. They put in the orders and I went to the lab to get my blood done.

After I got back home I was staring at my phone every two seconds. They said they would have my results after lunch. So of course when 1:01 pm hit I can really stalking my phone and checking to make sure I didn’t miss the call. FINALLY at 4:50 pm (the clinic closed at 4 so I assumed I wasn’t getting a call until Friday) the told me the blood test came back negative.

This was something we really weren’t expecting or planning for. Everything I read and everything I was told by my doctors was almost a guarantee it would work on the first try. After I left a message with my doctor we decided to regroup and talk about our next move. This was a stressful and emotional time and we weren’t sure what we would do next.


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