June 5, 2015

We were on our way home from the beach when I got the call from my doctors office. I told them that my blood work came back negative and the IUI didn’t work. I asked her if I could come in and talk about our options to try again. At this point we were looking to try in July since I figured they couldn’t get me in right away.

But once again our plans had changed. I go an appointment for Tuesday (June 9) afternoon. They’ll do an baseline ultrasound and then we will talk about our next plan. If they say everything is good and they’ll monitor me or put me on medication then we will try again this month! If not we will try in July!

After going in for my appointment they decided to not do any tests and not listen to one thing I was saying. I left the appointment in tears since they would not listen to me or my wishes. I couldn’t believe I was being treated like this again. This journey was already so stressful and emotional this was the last thing we need. 

This has been one of the most stressful, emotional, happiest and saddest moments of our lives together so far. In the end, we know all of this will be worth it. We decided to regroup and talk about all of our other options.


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