May 14, 2015

Knowing that our IUI will be sometime late next week (probably thursday or friday) is making me so nervous and anxious. I have a million and one questions but can’t find any answers for them. I’m reading all the blogs and forums and not a single answer will help me. My first problem is everyone is way older than me, as in the youngest people in the groups are 27. The second problem is I can’t find a single story/ group whatever about same sex couples going through this. And my last problem is everyone is on medication for their IUIs.

We were given the choice to be on medication (to help pinpoint timing) this cycle but I said no. Partly because it increases your chances of multiples (which we have no problem with but it already runs in my family) and partly because of the side effects. I just turned 23 years old. All my tests came back perfect and my doctors even said we shouldn’t have a problem, but I still have all this doubt in my mind. Never in a million years did I think it would be this hard to get pregnant but I also never saw myself getting married and wanting to start a family so much.

At this point we still have not told many people about us trying (sorry guys). We’re still keeping it under wraps and not wanting to get anyone else’s hopes up. I just wish I had more answers or more statistics of what our chances would be like but there is NOTHING out there for women in our situation. So in the meantime I just going to wait out these next few days (read: weeks) and hope by the end of this month we will know if we’ll be adding a new family member to the Rivers clan.


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