Doctor’s appointment 9/9

Well today was a big day for us! I have another doctor’s appointment and we were hoping we would be able to see and hear the heartbeat this time, and we were able too! They did another dating scan and as of today I’m 6w4d pregnant putting my new due date to April 30, 2016 instead of April 25! 

Either way we are so excited for this little one. My doctor let us hear the heartbeat twice and let us record it too. He also took 10 pictures of the baby and we got to see it’s little heart flutter. It was amazing. We were so happy and relieved to see our baby and know it is growing nice and strong! 

I got back in three weeks for another check up. We’re getting our prenancy announcement pictures done on Friday and then we will FINALLY be able to reveal this blog to family and friends. Our baby journey is just beginning and I’m hoping to keep this blog very updated or at least do weekly updates for everyone! 

We can’t wait to finally meet and hold our little one!  

The heartbeat in a screenshot! đź’“  


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