10 weeks! 

I had another appointment today, but it was just a normal check up! Everything was GREAT with the baby! The baby is measuring at 10 weeks today. So just a tad ahead of schedule. My cyst has gone down in size which is good but my doctor is still going to keep an eye on it. 

I have to go in this week for an early glucose test which I’m not looking forward too. I go in three weeks for a fetal diagnostic test to check for genetic abnormalities. Then a few days after that I go for a normal check up! 

At my appointment today, we saw the baby moving and dancing for us. It was so amazing! And of course we got to hear the heartbeat and it was beyond perfect. I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time at the dancing. We go sooooo many pictures and videos from today and I can’t stop looking at them!  




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