12/13 weeks

This week has been very, very crazy for us! Monday was my NT scan as some of you might know. The scan went great and they said everything looks perfect! They decided not to do the fetal echo this time but do it again when I’m a little further along. The baby would not stay still so it took them a long time to get the measurements for the scan but once they did we were told it was great. Heart rate was 165 and even though we’ve heard the heartbeat tons of times before this is the first time we got a number for it. I did have some normal bloodwork done and should have those results in next weeks!

Wednesday was another appointment for me but this was just a normal one. It was a very fast appointment since we didn’t have much to go over and my doctor was already running three hours behind because of a delivery. But my appointment went great and my doctor said this is such an easy pregnancy so far!  We do know the sex and it’s not what you might think but we’re waiting a little bit longer to announce so stay tuned for that announcement!

  NT scan image! 
3D picture!
  My NT scan images 
12 weeks!

13 weeks!


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