Skylar’s Birth Story- Part 2

Skylar was being monitored and my vitals were taken. The midwife said because there was meconium when my water broke I would have to be transferred to Vanderbilt hospital. I was given the option of going there ourselves or going by ambulance. I knew this could be dangerous so we decided an ambulance would be better. By 2 pm the paramedics were in the room and I was getting on the stretcher. It was so scary and I was so upset I wouldn’t get the birth I wanted for Skylar but at that point I just wanted us both safe. The ride to the hospital seemed like it was forever but it only took 5 minutes. We got to the hospital at 2:13 pm. Koryn was with me and so were two of my midwives. Our photographer and my mom drove behind us and got there very soon after. I was taken right up to labor and delivery and the room was set up in case something went wrong.

There were so many people in and out of the room, asking me questions, and trying to get everything set up. The pain was getting worse and I remember screaming because of how tired I was and how bad I wanted Skylar out to know she was okay. The hospital midwife checked me again and I was stuck at 9 cm during to my cervix not fully opening. She had to push a piece of my cervix out of the way while I was trying to push Skylar out. Nitrous oxide was finally brought in the room and they were trying to explain how to use it while I was screaming and pushing. At this point I was kneeling in the bed and pushing every few minutes. People were still coming in and out and trying to explain things to me but I still don’t remember much of what I was being told. I do remember the hospital midwife telling me there would be a lot of nurses in the room from the NICU in case we needed them.

The next hour was much intense than I ever imagined. There was so much going on and I didn’t have time to pull myself together. I was screaming, crying, and everything else you could imagine while pushing. People were telling me to push and telling me how everything was going but I zoned out the entire time. Finally, I knew we were getting close to the end. I could feel Skylar’s head almost out and I knew she would be here soon and I had to keep pushing myself and gathering my strength because I needed to know she was okay.

I had two more contractions and I pushed as hard as I could as long as I could and finally I heard everyone saying she was here and I can turn around. I slowly turned around and saw her for the first time and it was amazing. She was born at 3:22 pm. She came out screaming and crying and her eye were wide open. She was doing great and the midwife let me do skin-to-skin. I NICU nurses wanted to come and take her right away but the hospital midwife said she was fine and she was not letting them take her from me. A few minutes later I pushed again and my placenta was delivered. Once that happened I felt a ton of blood gush out. I figured this was normal but I kept feeling more and more blood coming out. Another nurse waited until Skylar’s cord stop pulsing and clamped it for Koryn to cut it. Skylar was then placed with Koryn and I started losing more and more blood. The midwife had to keep sticking her hand in me to pull clots out. I had a second degree tear and was still losing blood.


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