Adoption day! 

Naturally, I couldn’t sleep last night and my almost didn’t go off this morning so I just knew it was going to be one of those days. We finally got out of the house, later than expected of course, and headed to the courthouse. We also got our first snowfall of the season today and these Florida girls were not ready for that. 

Once we got to the courthouse, we tried to figure out where to go and the lady told us we were never officially put on the docket for today. I almost started crying right then and there. She looks though all our papers and said to go to the judge’s courtroom and they’ll try and get us in today.

We waited in the courtroom for a little bit and then judge finally came in and called off all the cases on his docket for today and ours was listed as the last one. He ended up calling us first though. We handed him a folder full of paperwork we’ve accumulated over the past 8 months and he sifted through it. It seems like time stood still and we were standing there forever just waiting. 

Finally, he gave a little speech about how Mackenzie is our responsible and no matter what happens we need to take care of her and always put her first. Which we already do but I have a feeling t was something he always says for adoption cases. Then he approved the adoption!!! 

We had to go back downstairs with the official paperwork and it was done. I’m so glad the judge was on our side and approved it right away. Now that that’s over with we’re going to enjoy the snow and celebrate our 3 year weeding anniversary which is on Monday! 

Until next time,

The Rivers Family 


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