Second/step parent adoption

Since we posted about the adoption finally being approved, I’ve been asked a lot about why this was needed so I decided to make a quick little post to answer some questions. First, I was the one who carried and gave birth to Mackenzie so I am her biological mom. Second, My wife is listed on the birth certificate as ‘father’ but that alone does not give her/us legal protection.

If something was to happen to me the legality of my wife’s parental rights can easily come into question since there is no biological tie to Mackenzie. Where we are the only type of adoption available is a step parent adoption which slightly differs from a second parent adoption but the end result is still the same. Each state has their own requirements for second/step parent adoptions (SPA) so I would check with your state to see what they are in order to get the process done. 

The process for the adoption was pretty straightforward and we were lucky enough to have the help from the military lawyers here to make sure we filled everything out correctly. Now that the adoption is approved, my wife has full legal rights over our daughter, just like it should be. If you are wondering about SPA in your state, I’ve included some helpful links below. You can also find out more by asking at your county courthouse, it might take some time running around to get the right answers but the SPA is the only way to make sure all parties are legally protected.

Until next time,

The Rivers Family


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