Cloth Diaper FAQ

1. How many diapers do I need?

This depends on a few things. One is how often do you plan on washing and the other is how old the baby/babies are. The numbers I’m giving are just an estimate but if you cloth diaper, you’ll know how easy it is to fall into the trap and buy way more than you need. I’ll include a chart I find very helpful for how many to get.

2. How often do I wash?

Personally, we wash about once a week. When Mackenzie was younger, we washed more often since she was going through more diapers and we didn’t have nearly as many as we do now.

3. How do I wash?

Wash routine varies person to person and depends on the type of water you have (hard vs soft), the type of machine you have (front loader vs top loader), and what type of detergent you are using. For us, we use powder Tide and do a small prewash with 1-2 lines of tide, followed by a heavy wash in warm/hot water with 3-4 lines of tide. Everything goes in the dryer after that and then comes the fun part of stuffing the diapers. Everyone will have a different wash routine but that is what we do and works for us. I would check with your diaper manufacturer for a correct wash routine so that you do not void the warranty on the diapers.

4. Which type of diapers should I use?

The type of diaper you use is really a personal preference. We love our pocket diapers since we can make them as absorbent as well need. We use fitted and covers for nighttime and occasionally we’ll use prefold/flats and covers.

4. Why use cloth?

We decided to use cloth to save money and we figured our daughter would have very sensitive skin so we did not want to put all the chemicals from disposable diapers on her. Plus I could make some diapers and all the prints are too cute to pass up!

5. Does it really save money?

For us, it does. We do not have to worry about running out of diapers in the middle of the night. The money spent on one box of diapers could be used to buy 4-5 diapers and can last until they are potty trained. We also use cloth wipes so we don’t have to worry about

Advice for first time cloth diaper users

It does not need to be all of nothing. You do not need to full time cloth diaper. Some people find it easier to use cloth at home and disposables on the go or at night. Some people will use cloth at home and disposables at daycare. It does not need to be difficult and washing them is typically easy and not as scary as it might seem.

If you have any other advice for first time cloth diaper users leave a comment below!

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(image from google, if you know who made it please let me know so I can give them credit)

Until next time,

The Rivers Family


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