Our journey with baby wearing 

Before getting pregnant, I had time to do tons and tons of research. I researched everything and anything I could about pregnancy and parenthood. My google history consisted of phrases such as, “home birth vs hospital birth or birthing center”, “which car seat is the safest”, “top baby names”, and “what baby carrier is the best”. Babywearing is not for everyone and some people do not understand why anyone would want their child strapped to them for x amount of time. But after hoping, praying, and tons of tears we were finally getting our chance at becoming parents and we were going to cherish every moment. I was finally carrying a little life inside of me. A little person that would be part of for the next 9 months (and then the next 18+ years).

I enjoyed every second of my pregnancy. All the false labor, the weight gain, the counting down until our little girl would arrive made her grand entrance worth it. Once Mackenzie was born we were finally able to put our baby carriers to use! We received many different baby carriers as gifts from our baby shower and our two most used ones are our Moby wrap and Tula.

The Moby wrap was amazing when Mackenzie was still a newborn. It was easy for me to use and kept her all nice and snuggled up while I got things done around the house. We used it for the first three months of her life. You will need the Tula infant insert if you plan on using your Tula with a newborn. The rolled blanket trick is not safe or recommend. Many parents use the infant insert for 6+ months so you’ll get a lot of use out of it! It is a little big and bulky at first but it wasn’t difficult for us to get use to using it.  

Right now our favorite way to wear is back carrying. Mackenzie loves riding on my back and looking out at everything around us. I have finally figured out how to get her on and off my back while we out by ourselves! 

Until next time,

The Rivers Family 



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