Day 2! 

If you want to read more about the challenge click here! Today is day two of the #bringflatsback flats and hand washing cloth diaper challenge and I am really loving it so far! Today I have washed diapers twice and hung them to dry while I did errands around town and cleaned up around the house and I was so surprised with our simple it was to wash and dry diapers.

The questions posed for day two is what is in your stash and how much did it cost? Everything we have used and will be using for the challenge was items we had on hand or ones we already use for diapering. The flats we are using are flour sack towels from Wal-Mart and a pack of  5 is less than $5 but our store has them in a pack of 10 and I normally grab a pick every few weeks to have on hand. We are also using three different brands of covers. The covers we are using come from Abby’s Lane, Nicki’s Diapers *aff link, and Buttons Diapers! The prices of these covers vary based off of brand and if I found them on sale or bought them second hand. We also have two snappi’s in rotation. The snappi’s come in a pack of 3 for $10 but we are missing the third one. I will probably add a hemp booster for our nighttime diaper because we sadly tried using just one fst last night and let’s just say all the sheets needed to be changed this morning.

Until next time,

The Rivers Family ❤

Buttons Diaper
Our stash for the challenge! We have a ton more covers and flats but this is what we’re using for the week!
Diapers out on the line drying!
First load of laundry for today!

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