Happy Birthday, Mackenzie

Happy second birthday to our sweet little girl. I can’t believe it has been two years since you came into our lives. You can in after a quick 5 hours of labor and were smiling from the second you were born and haven’t stopped since. You are so bright, beautiful, smart, kind, and loving. You are the brightest light in any room and the way you smile and laugh is so contagious to anyone around. It has been two years since you have come earthside and people still stop me daily telling me how beautiful you are and it makes my heart so happy to be your mom.

This second year flew by and I’m still in shock you aretwo today. You are tearing at a lightening speed and constantly surprise me by all that you know. I was so taken aback when you asked me for a snack bag earlier this week while we were packing our school lunches. I can’t believe how I got so lucky to be your mom or how we both got so lucky to be your parents. I could sit here for hours and list everything you have accomplished over the past year but we would be here all day. The biggest accomplishment you have achieved over the past few months is being potty trained! You love picking out your own clothes and undies to match. You are obsessed with the movie Frozen and hearing your sweet little voice since the songs is one of the cutests sounds in the world.

This next year is going to be filled with so many adventure. We will be moving to Alaska soon and in the winter you will become a big sister. You are always running up to me and kissing my belly while talking to “Kenzie’s baby” and telling my belly you love the baby. We love you so much our sweet little girl and happy belated birthday!


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