11 month update

Happy 11 months sweet little girl!

You have grown up so much in the past month and I can’t believe that you are almost one years old. In the past month, you have become a pro at walking and running and every time we go somewhere you want to be put down to run and play. We have made so much improvement in your sign language! Right now you love to sign ‘more’, ‘milk’, and ‘all done’. You have become quite the adventurous little girl and give me a heart attack every time I see you climbing something new.

Some days you’ll sit by yourself with all your toys around you playing and exploring while other days you just want to snuggle with me and eat your milkies. We are still breastfeeding and have no plans to stop anytime soon. You love to eat everything we give you and can clear a plate i no time at all! We have finally found a sippy cup that you can use and you love carrying it around with you! You have a new found love for music and love to dance and sing to any song that comes on the radio. Right now, you love the songs from Moana and the Pretty Little Liars theme song. Your sleeping habits still haven’t changed and you love to sleep just as much as I do. Currently, you have two more bottom front teeth, two molers, and at least two top teeth coming in but they don’t seem to bother you at all.

Planning for your first birthday party is in full swing and I am looking forward to celebrating your first birthday with all our friends and family. It’s no surprise that our little mermaid is have a mermaid theme pool party for her first birthday.

Everyday when your Baba and I look at you we see how smart and beautiful you are and how you are turning into a toddler right before our eyes. You have been our greatest adventure and we are so lucky to be your parents. We cannot wait to see what this next month brings.

Snow day! March 11, 2016


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The Rivers Family



Skylar’s Birth Story-Part 3 (last and final part)

A nurse had to keep massaging my uterus and blood was still gushing out. I ended up with a ton of stitches and lost over 500 cc of blood but did not need a transfusion thankfully. Every time I moved or they massaged my uterus I bleed like crazy. It took over two hours for the midwife to stop the bleeding and stitch me up. Once the bleeding was somewhat under control I was able to sit up and really look at Skylar and she was perfect. I was able to breastfeed her and she latched on right away. I was in the delivery room until 6 pm that night then moved to a regular room. I was checked for bleeding every 30 minutes until 1 am when the bleeding finally stopped gushing when they pushed on my uterus.

There are other things about the birth that I left out part way because I don’t really remember where they fit into the day and part way because I blocked them out.

One of those things was I remember screaming and crying so much and my wife was by my head and she had to step away because of the amount of pain I was in. I remember hearing her crying because she didn’t know how to help me. I remember my mom crying while I was screaming and begging for the pain to be over. I remember feeling like I was being torn in half. I remember crying so much not knowing if our daughter was going to survive. I remember how relieved and excited everyone sounds the second she came out. I remember saying over and over again that she was so small when I first saw her. I remember turning her over on me and saying she’s still a girl. This is a day I will never forget.

The video from her birth:

That little pouty face


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The Rivers Family

We’re back!!

We took a nice little break from a lot of things, including blogging but with the new year we’re back.

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11 weeks!

Not much has happened in the past week but I still wanted to do an update. I’ve been very busy with school and we are getting ready for another move (thank you Army!). We are very excited to be leaving Hawaii early but it’s bittersweet. Since we found out about our move we hit a few road blocks. I’ll be have my pregnancy care from November-March in Florida and then for the last month we’ll be in Tennessee.

When we found out about our move I research the laws there for us both being on the baby’s birth certificate and what we need to do for my wife to adopt. Right now, she cannot be on the birth certificate but the JAG lawyers will do the step parent adoption paperwork for us after the baby is born. Then once that goes through, she will be on the birth certificate. Even if she could be on the birth certificate when the baby is born we would still need to do the adoption but technically she would have zero legal rights over our child. It was very stressful trying to figure that all out but I’m so glad we got it done now.

My new due date is April 27, 2016! I got in next week for my NT scan and then a few days later I have my normal doctor appointment. This means we get to see our baby twice next week! If they can’t tell us the sex of the baby at my NT scan we’ll be going the following week to an elective ultrasound place to find out. Since my wife will be missing a few months of the pregnancy she wants to know what we are having. We still have our guesses but I know she’ll be happy to know for sure! Either way we are so excited to find out what we’re having.

My class ends this week and I only have two more assignments until I’m done but then my next class starts right up next Monday. I’m tired of doing papers and projects all the time but I know getting my Master’s degree will be worth it in the end.

That’s all I have for this week but I’ll post some bump pictures and another update after my NT scan. If anyone has any questions, leave them in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer them when I have time! I post a lot more baby stuff on my instagram if anyone is interested in see more updated pictures and posts you can check them out there!

11 weeks and your moms can’t wait to meet you little one 

  My wife take my bump pictures and this was my favorite outtake from this week! 
Two moms and a baby👩‍👩‍👧 

We finally announced!!

I’m so excited that we finally announced our pregnancy to social media! The response has been overwhelming to say the least. Everyone is so happy and excited for us. I was not expecting the responses we got but I am so happy. It feels so great to be able to post all our ultrasound pictures and post about our baby!

I’m hoping for an easy few weeks until I go back to my doctor’s again to check on the baby and see how the cyst is doing haha. announcement