Day 3 and 4

Day 3

Share your favorite fold!

Well I missed day 3 yesterday since we had a really busy day so today’s post will cover day 3 and day 4. The question for day 3 was to share your favorite flats fold. This was pretty easy since we only use two types of folds. We use the kite fold and pad fold. The pad fold is super simple and I think that’s why we use it most. We use a kit fold at night or if I think we’ll need extra absorbency.

Day 4

Share your wash routine!

I think I’m most excited about this because I actually really like washing diapers. We use a 5 gallon bucket from Home Depot and a plunger for our washing machine. Our first step is to rinse the diapers. Sometime I rinse them off in the sink then put them in the bucket, other times especially if I’m washing a lot of flats I put them all in the bucket and fill it with cold water. I use the plunger to agitate the diapers and do anywhere from 60-90 pumps with the plunger. I take all the flats, covers, and wipes out and rinse them and put them to the side. I empty the bucket and refill it with HOT water.

I put a little detergent (we use tide powder) and put the diapers back in the bucket. Now we start the washing cycle. I use the plunger to agitate the diapers again, using at least 90 pumps. I may or may not let the diapers sit for a few minutes before starting the wash cycle. I take the diapers out again, rinse the diaper off, empty the bucket and refill it one more time for a final rinse cycle. The final rinse cycle is done with COLD water and I, once again, do about 60 pumps with the plunger. Everything is rinsed and squeezed out and taken outside to line dry.

We have been very lucky that we have had amazing weather and I’m able to hang dry out diapers. I try and wash first thing in the morning so they’ll have more time to dry but for the most part my diapers only take a few hours to dry. The other day I did two washes and by the time I was done with the second wash of diapers, my first load of diapers was already dry!

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Our drying line
Kite fold and pad fold as our nighttime solution
one of these was extremely poopy, can you guess which one?

our washing machine

Cloth Diapers

It’s no secret that we are a cloth diaper family and love our little fluff butt and all the cute prints. In recent weeks, many of our friends and family members have come to us asking about cloth diapers. I decided to make a little post about our experience with using cloth diapers this will probably be a two part post and today’s post is about where we get our diapers from and why we buy them from these companies.

From the time we decided to build our family I knew I wanted to cloth diaper, getting Koryn on board was a whole other story. However, once that happened we slowly started building our stash. We knew we were going to save a ton of money by using cloth and the fact we could use them for any other children we might have was an added bonus.

One of my favorite website to order from is Nicki’s Diapers! Not only is their reward points system amazing, they have amazing customer service, if you use the tag #ilovenickisdiapers they pick random people to send free items too, and the best part is for each Nick’s diaper purchased one is given to a child in need. Not only are you help go green and reduce the waste in landfills by using cloth for your baby but you’re also helping others who cannot afford to cloth diaper. Check out their website here to place an order today Nicki’s Diapers.

Another favorite website of mine to order from is The Fluffy Penguin . Her prices can’t be beat, shipping is crazy fast, and her exclusive diapers are too cute to pass up. We mainly use pocket diapers from Fluffy Penguin but she offers many other options as well.

Celebrating 8 months in fluff

Matching diapers! Northern lights diaper is from Nicki’s diapers

All of our diapers!

Our diaper storage solution